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The benefits of income investing

To meet the different financial goals of a growing number of investors, investing for income has never been more important. In a world of shifting market dynamics and low interest rates, attractive sustainable income is also getting harder to find.

Income has always been recognised as a critical component of most investment portfolios. In addition to generating consistent income streams, the right mix of income strategies can provide investors with the potential for sustainable long-term growth.

By drawing on a diverse range of income sources, from equities and bonds to alternative investments such as real estate and infrastructure, asset managers can enhance portfolio diversification across asset classes and geographies, lowering overall volatility and providing smoother returns for investors.

Reasons to invest in income-generating strategies

  1. Income payouts
    Potential to generate dependable cash payouts while enhancing total return over time
  2. Capital growth potential
    The right blend of income-generating assets provide ample opportunities for long-term growth
  3. Diversification benefits
    Uncorrelated sources of return can deliver important diversification benefits

Why Columbia Threadneedle Investments?

Columbia Threadneedle Investments is a global asset manager with a strong heritage in income investing across both traditional and alternative asset classes. Our specialist teams use tried and tested investment approaches to deliver attractive, sustainable returns for clients.

Why CTI for income segments

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Our Income Strategies

Threadneedle Equity Income Strategies

Equities continue to be a popular choice for investors. The broad range of businesses on offer and the familiarity of many of the companies make this market an attractive option for novices and highly sophisticated investors alike. However, in times of crisis, one key area of investor concern is on the ability of companies to pay a dividend.


As equity income investors, we prefer companies that can deliver stable and growing dividends over the medium to long term, and that can do so without compromising their balance sheet, the growth potential of the business or indeed their broader social impact. We believe that this approach will be able to deliver strong risk-adjusted returns for our clients across our wide range of global, regional and single country equity income strategies.

Threadneedle Fixed Income Strategies

Across the range of fixed income markets can be found a wide array of risk and return characteristics, from traditional asset classes of investment grade and high yield credit, through to more specialist areas that include emerging markets, securitised debt and social bonds.


The attraction of each area can change as economic and credit cycles progress. Our portfolio managers therefore pursue a flexible and dynamic allocation approach to enable them to seize investment opportunities as they arise, while minimising downside risks. Our proprietary risk rating system enables analysts to efficiently communicate an issuer’s risk profile and supports rigorous relative value debates that help portfolio managers to determine their final portfolio positions.

Threadneedle Multi-Asset Income Strategies

Investment returns from individual asset classes can vary significantly over time, with each asset class offering a different risk and return profile depending on the economic environment. By actively allocating across a mix of assets, the strategies managed by our multi-asset experts provide a ‘one stop shop’ investment solution for investors that can deliver attractive levels of income with less volatility than equities.


At a time where yields across many asset classes are low, our multi-asset income strategies can provide a well-diversified, cost-effective solution for investors seeking a good level of income while keeping volatility in check, irrespective of market conditions.

28 November 2023

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