Threadneedle (Lux) Asian Equity Income

At a glance

A well-balanced quality Asian equity fund that aims to provide a high underlying dividend yield, offering diversified income exposure and dividend surprise for the potential of additional excess returns.

Key facts


MSCI Asia Pacific ex Japan


Fund launch date

6 April 1999


Typical number of holdings

40-60 companies


Fund manager

George Gosden (since January 2013)

Key reasons to invest

1. Attractive dividend yield:

In aggregate the fund aims to provide a yield at least 10% above that of the underlying index.

2. Diversified sources of income:

The team invests in high-quality companies across the Asia Pacific region ex Japan to create a well-diversified portfolio spread by country and sector.

3. Dividend surprise:

We seek to invest in companies with the possibility for an unanticipated change in dividend policy as a potential additional source of excess returns.
Please note that dividend distributions (if any) are not guaranteed and may be paid out of distributable income, capital or both. Please note that a positive distribution yield does not imply a positive return. Any distributions paid may result in the immediate reduction of net asset value per share/unit.

Philosophy and approach

A clearly defined and repeatable investment process

Asian Equity Income Fund Investment Philosophy and Approach

Bottom-up stock selection is the main driver of the investment process.  We overlay fundamental, quantitative and Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) screens to continually evaluate and direct our focus to companies with characteristics that fit with our investment philosophy.

We focus on franchises with sustainable business models, returns focused management, attractive valuation given growth prospects, scope for earnings surprise, sustainable dividends and potential for dividend surprise, whilst considering underperforming franchises only with clear catalysts for change.

Evaluating companies in this way – analysing multiple sources of excess returns – is a more effective than any single approach because it yields a more comprehensive understanding of factors that drive performance.

Meet the Fund Manager

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Our investment approach seeks to maximize total return through a focus on both capital appreciation and income. We believe companies that can demonstrate a sustainable income whilst exhibiting the potential to grow dividends are best placed to take advantage of the maturing approach to capital distribution within Asia. We combine this with dividend surprise for additional excess returns – exposing the potential for an unanticipated change in dividend policy. We believe this approach will reap the benefits of Asia’s evolving demographics, as these are likely to result in continuing domestic interest in companies that can pay sustainable, growing dividends over time.

Fund Manager

George Gosden
Portfolio Manager, Asia Equities

Important information

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may not get back the amount invested. Dividend distributions (if any) are not guaranteed and may be
paid out of distributable income, capital or both. Please note that a positive distribution yield does not imply a positive return. Any distributions paid may result in the immediate reduction of net asset value per share/unit. The fund may invest in financial derivative instruments to the extent permitted under relevant laws. As such, it may experience greater volatility in its net asset value. Further details are available in the Offering Documents.

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