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Global investment solutions

For over 20 years Columbia Threadneedle’s world class solutions team has applied a deep understanding of our clients’ challenges to develop and manage innovative customised solutions. Our range of solutions draw on the breadth of Columbia Threadneedle’s global capabilities and expertise with a laser focus on meeting client needs.

Solutions include:

  • Customised growth strategies 
  • Regulatory-sensitive insurance mandates 
  • Insurance solutions 
  • Liability-driven investment 
  • Pension matching solutions 
  • Fiduciary management /Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) 
  • Manager Search & Selection

The building blocks used by our experienced teams of global investment solutions specialists follow a tried and tested approach. We focus on:

  • Applying a deep understanding of our clients’ investment needs 
  • Drawing on our strong research, risk management, portfolio construction and multi-manager expertise 
  • Providing an enhanced operating, reporting and client service model

Why choose Columbia Threadneedle for global investment solutions?

Our global investment solutions business is driven by client need. Our journey together starts with a commitment to understanding the client’s business, the outcomes they are trying to achieve, their specific challenges and the regulatory environment that they operate in.

We take a consultative approach in identifying investment requirements and then combine the necessary building blocks to offer a fit-for-purpose investment solution. Our open architecture approach offers clients access to a wide range of capabilities from within Columbia Threadneedle and external managers from around the world, carefully identified and selected by our manager research team.

Our heritage as a manager of insurance and pensions assets provides us with the necessary investment, risk management, governance and oversight tools to effectively build portfolios tailored to specific client needs. Across our strategic insurance partners, pension funds, foundations, corporations, trusts, investment advisers and individual investors we have circa $200bn of assets under management (as at December 2021).

9 December 2022

William Davies

Global Chief Investment Officer

No more bad news should be good news in 2023

After a dismal year for markets, William Davies gives his thoughts on risks and opportunities in the market as we head into 2023. While there is plenty to be cautious about, a repeat of 2022 seems unlikely.
Read time - 6 min
14 March 2022

Solutions Enhanced: Capital Market Assumptions 2022 Making a transition

The end of 2021 saw a continuing reminder of the impact of coronavirus, inflation occurring in major economies, and the world waking up to the stark choices presented by the climate emergency. We set out the expectations for what all this could mean for investors over the next five years and in the longer run. These capital market assumptions form the base case we use when constructing strategic asset allocations for clients.
Read time - 3 min
17 January 2022

Lorenzo Garcia

Head of Investment Solutions, EMEA & APAC

Solutions in 2022: a defining time for inflation and ESG

As inflation runs hot and interest in ESG impacts rises, there is a fundamental shift in our institutional and sub-advisory clients’ needs. We expect allocations to alternative risk assets, and to assets with positive environmental impacts, to increase.
Read time - 2 min
18 June 2021

Stuart Jarvis

Investment Solutions Quantitative Research Director

Lorenzo Garcia

Head of Investment Solutions

Kavit Tolia

Investment Solutions Senior Quantitative Analyst

Is the bond broken?

An allocation to government bonds within a multi-asset portfolio has traditionally played a vital role in terms of risk management and diversification. But with a decade-long bull era in both government bonds and equities, is this assumption still valid?
Read time - 5 min
22 December 2020

Lorenzo Garcia

Head of Investment Solutions, EMEA & APAC

Solutions in 2021: adapting to a new normal

In unprecedented times, clients are struggling to build well-diversified portfolios, as well as grappling with the rising cost of guarantees and management of very expensive liabilities. After depending on fixed income diversification for decades, they must find new ways to hedge their exposures while growing assets.
Read time - 7 min
20 October 2020

Colin Moore

Global Chief Investment Officer

What the US election means for markets… and what it doesn’t!

The election cycle will increase short-term volatility, but we don’t believe it will have much influence on market averages over the long term.
Read time - 10 min

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